How to unlock your AT&T iPhone - ATT

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

How to unlock your AT&T iPhone - ATT

This is introducing about unlocking your out of contract iPhones if they were purchased from AT&T, you can go into the store, you can call them up, but going to the website is the easiest way. Make sure you provide them with a valid email address, so they can get you that unlock code and all the information that you need.

What I suddenly notice is that the calendar on my phone there it is the 8th, and that can only mean today is the day the first official day that you can start unlocking yours out of contract iPhones. If they were purchased from AT&T, you will be out of contract, your contract has to be up before you're able to do this.

Now all you need to do is head over to your Settings app, go to general, then go to about, and then scroll down until you find the IMEI number notate that, just copy that down, go to AT&T's website. I'm going to do this on a chat now, this is the easiest way I've found.

You can go into the store, you can call them up, but this is the easiest way, it only takes like less than 10 minutes, just go to their support tab there, and then go to wireless, and once you're on the wireless support, you'll notice this Wireless support chat here on the right-hand side, just click that check availability, and all this is doing is just verifying that there is someone indeed on staff right now, that can help you. You should see these three chat nail options, select the second option next to technical support, just click on that and that should open up this little blue window, it's going to ask you to enter this information to fill out that information there, and then type in 'I want to unlock my iPhone 4'. It's really that simple.

Once you do that click start chat, you'll be whisked away into a chat, and there you go folks, you just tell them what you want, so that's what I'm going to do right now. I'm talking with Mr. Simpkins here, and I'm going to just type in here 'Thank you, do you need my IMEI number?' See they already know I want to unlock the phone, because I put that in the initial portion of the form, so super easy, so just go through here and literally this took less than 10 minutes, I'm actually going to just speed up the conversation a little bit, I put in my IMEI number, of course, you don't want to give that out to everybody, so I've blurred it out here, but as you can see, it's super easy.

Is this the only phone that you would like to try to unlock today? Notice he said try, because I have to verify it, make sure it's not on a stolen list, and just make sure the phone wasn't stolen or anything like that they have to make sure that you're eligible, make sure your out of that particular contract for that phone, and once they do that, you should be good to go, and thankfully it looks like my device is eligible, you see that great news, your iPhone 4 is eligible for the device to unlock today. Now they're going to ask you for your email address, so they can push you the unlock code, and this usually takes thicky at the end of the day, it should take about a week before I get my unlock code. It could take 72 hours, it just depends on AB, I'm not sure exactly how long this is going to take yet, but he's going to submit the case for me, and like I said, this is probably the easiest way, you'll probably be better off going this route, you see the expected date for the unlock information to be sent to you as April 16th for this device, so that's about 8 days away, so about a week away, you don't have to sit there on the phone waiting on hold, you don't have to drive into the office, you can just head over to the website, log in and chat with a representative, just like that.

I think this can assist you with today, Mr. Simpkins helped me plenty, that is how you unlock your iPhone for now, you need a wait hold your horses, wait on the code to be sent to your email address, once that code is at your email address, then you can perform a restore via iTunes, and again there's really not much to do until you get that email, so just hold your horses, be patient, wait on the email from AT&T that you provided to them, make sure you provide them with a valid email address, so they can get you that unlock code and all the information that you need. Once you receive that email, you can use iTunes to complete the unlock process, it's that simple.