How t Unlock Your AT&T Phone for 100% Free | ATT

By Gavin | October 29, 2018

I am going to show you how to unlock your AT&T Motorola MOTO 2nd generation for free, also it will work with any other Android device, that's NTT, that's locked to AT&T, be sure the phone is paid off, it's not into your contract as also, it's not lost or stolen, if that's the case you will not be able to unlock this device.

First you will go to the AT& and will ask you if you are existing or not existing AT&T customer, for me, I'm not an existing AT&T customer, so let's do this, so first I requested a code to unlock my device, I received my code about three days later, what I'm going to do is insert a Sprint SIM card, that's not AT&T, do not put a cricket Tracfone or any AT&T related Tower, let's use AT&T Tower to unlock your device, that will not work, that just simply going to connect to the Internet. so let's get started with a first step.

First step we are going to insert this card, which is the descent rate is on the side for Motorola, then it will pop says, please unlock code, but this is my a digit, and the other thing I want you to know before you try this, in the email, if this says if you attempt to unlock, a type run code you will be permanently locked to AT&T, so you want white, make sure you got this code, so after you type the code in that. it will be blank, so you better make sure that you verify that, so I am going to click the green button to continue and click unlock, so we'll click unlock.